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100% wool with no lining on the inside. Seamless and stitch-less (without a stitch) for that extra comfort and elasticity.

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Care Instruction

Dry Clean Only! Store your Beret in a dust bag or in a muslin cloth to keep it away from dust particles to settle in so that the radiance and freshness of the color always remain the same. Store it flat (without folding) so that it looks stark and perfect every time it is worn. Keep your Beret/Cap dry and away from moisture. If at all exposed to anything wet, please dry it out for a few hours before putting it on.



All our Berets/Caps come wrapped in softcover with a layer of thick paper in the center to maintain the shape of the cap while being shipped. Our special edition Berets come in beautiful hardcover, pull-out boxes, carefully packed in a layer of thick paper in the middle of the cap. The box contains a care card and a dust bag and extra adornments with the Beret that require them. They make beautiful gifts too! You can also add a greeting card to your Beret packaging at the time of checkout.

A collection of different colored Beanies. Made up of wool, these beanies will for sure be your perfect choice.

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One size fits all. No headbands. The beret streches to the individual wearer's headsize and shape.


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